Finishing up Trimester 2 for Grades 2 & 3


The end of our trimester is nigh and we are ramping up for a big finale of pretend restaurant fun (3rd grade) and making cooking shows (2nd grade). Check out the grade level areas below to check out our expectations and timeline for the remaining month of Spanish.

2nd Grade

In 2nd grade, we have finished learning fruits, vegetables, and the verbs needed to make a recipe. This week, we are watching some cooking shows from last year, and then we will hopefully be able to write our entire script in class so that next week, we can video tape. I have made the script simpler this year so students essentially just have to fill in the blanks to customize their smoothie recipe. In the past, I gave more freedom, but we do not have as much time as we did previously, so I think this will help us all be successful. Students should be rehearsing the script this week at home so they can read fluently, confidently, and with expression. There is a rubric in the packet to help them understand the expectations so their performance can be their absolute best. (Reminder: there are no grades for Spanish. This rubric is provided solely for students to have some metric of growth for their learning and effort.) For an extra copy of the project packet, click here.

When all the videos are recorded, I will edit them together into one big class video and will post them to the 2nd grade recipes page on We will watch our own class video on the final week of Spanish (Feb 21-24th for most classes, though Monday, Friday and some Tuesday classes will make-up their remaining class[es] the week of February 27th-March 3rd).

3rd Grade

To begin, I want to clarify that my Monday classes for 3rd grade are several lessons behind, due to missing so many Mondays this trimester. I will catch them up by the end of the month by giving them 2 extra lessons the week of February 27-March 3rd. They will be learning about items in the table setting and courtesy words this week, and will continue working on making combinations of foods using the prepositions con/sin/de as well as make sentences using the verb “Me gustaría,” which means “I would like.”

Tuesday-Friday classes this week are learning about the tasks they will perform in our pretend restaurant, how it will be scored, and will walk through a pretend restaurant experience in a PowerPoint presentation.

The tasks they will complete in the restaurant include: browse a menu and select a meal, drink, and dessert, order those things from me, label the items in a paper table setting using a word bank, and complete a questionnaire/conversation about a person at their table, which practices phrases we have been reviewing weekly. This simulates dinner conversation while supporting the students’ low proficiency in Spanish. The score is out of 30 points and they will be given a copy of the score form this week so they can prepare. Any students receiving a perfect or above-perfect score (yes, there’s a way to earn a bonus point!) will get a raffle ticket for our prize drawing the following week. Remember, there are no grades in Spanish and this score is a way for students to have a metric of their learning and performance in Spanish.

If your child wishes to practice more, I have teaching videos and other activities available for them to re-learn or just review the material at: and

The following lesson, I will hand back their scores and we will summarize our experience together. We will also have time to play a review game with the food vocabulary again.


Kindergarten and 1st Grade Spanish will begin the week of March 6th. We are almost 2/3rds of the way done with this school year -wow! 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at: 



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