Beginning Unit 2 in Grades 2 and 3


This week, both 2nd and 3rd grade are beginning their 2nd unit of study for Spanish class. For 2nd grade, this unit will endure 4 lessons. For 3rd grade, this unit will last for the entire rest of our trimester together (9 lessons).

2nd Grade: Fruits & Vegetables

In this unit, we will be primarily focusing on learning our fruits and vegetables so that we can use them well in the next unit, which will be creating simple recipes. Our goals are to learn the words using a variety of learning strategies, and then use them in simple sentences such as “I like…” (Me gusta…) and “I have…” (Tengo). Both of these types of sentences are review.

To study these words, I have provided a vocabulary list in the unit 2 packet that lets you know which words are cognates (words that look and sound similar in both English and Spanish, and thus, are much easier to learn) and which ones we can use word tricks to help us remember. I have also provided every student a set of flashcards and an envelope that will help them hold onto the flashcards after they have cut them out. Games from the first unit can be used to make studying fun at home, too. Each week, the homework expectation will be to learn half of the current vocabulary list. So, this week, students will learn 7 fruits. Next lesson, they will be expected to memorize the other 7. It’s that simple. Since every learner is unique, I am giving flexibility to each child to study how they feel they learn best.

An extra copy of the packet can be downloaded here: 2nd-grade-unit-2-packet The flashcards can be downloaded here: 2nd-grade-unit-2-fruit-flashcards.

There is also a teaching video for fruits (soon there will be one for vegetables too), on, as well as a plethora of other learning resources.

3rd Grade: Restaurant

In this unit, students will take steps to be able to accomplish the following 5 goals:

  1. Learn to say many food words
  2. Order foods using “Me gustaria” (I would like)
  3. Make combinations of foods using con/sin/de (with/without/of)
  4. Say the items in a table setting
  5. Use courtesy words to be polite

Our first step is to learn 17 breakfast, lunch, and dinner words. After developing some confidence with them, we will add drinks and desserts, and begin discussing how to make a simple sentence using “Me gustaria.” (“Me gustaria la pizza.”). Next, we will make specific types of foods, which is easy for the words “con” and “sin,” which mean “with” and “without,” respectively. The word “de” is harder, “of,” as the use of this word differs from English. A chicken sandwich in Spanish is a “sandwich of chicken” (un sanwich de pollo) and a chocolate cake is a “cake of chocolate” (un pastel de chocolate). Though slightly challenging to grasp, the students will do great with a little practice. Finally, we will add on the items in a table setting, as well as our courtesy words (Pass the salt, please./ Pásame la sal, por favor.).

By the end of the unit, the students will order food from me in our pretend restaurant activity. But for now, we are focusing on learning the nouns. The students should be using their knowledge of cognates, word tricks, flashcards, games, and other learning strategies to learn the words as efficiently as possible right now. I’ll update you again in the future when we get closer to the end of this trimester to help refocus our learning.

For a copy of the unit packet, click here: 3rd-grade-unit-2-packet and the breakfast, lunch, and dinner flashcards here: foodbreakfastlunchdinner

There is also a video on in which I teach this first section of food. I will add more videos as we progress. There are also digital flashcards and more activities to encourage learning.


If you have any questions, please email me at:

Happy holidays! May you have a relaxing winter break!

Señorita Jessica Taylor



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