Ending Trimester 1, Beginning Trimester 2

Wrapping Up 4th & 5th Grade Spanish

4th and 5th grade both did a pretty good job of preparing for their final video projects and delivering a quality presentation. To view them, see below. Use the playlist button in the upper left corner of each to browse and select the class you are looking for.

4th Grade Weather Reports:


5th Grade Rainforest Videos:


Permanent links for these playlists can be found on my website, http://www.fcspanish.com, at the Weather activity page and the Rainforest Animals activity page, respectively.


Looking Ahead to 2nd and 3rd Grade…

On Tuesday when we return from break, Spanish will begin for all 2nd and 3rd graders in the district. Our first unit will be greetings. All students will receive a unit packet with the vocabulary and some options for how to study. As I did with the upper grades, I will be flexible with assignments for grades 2 and 3. I will only expect them to study the theme we are working on in class, and they may choose any study activity. Students will prove to me that they have been studying by performing well in class and participating comfortably in activities. At no point will they be expected to be perfect. 🙂

After we move out of the standard greetings unit, I will update you with more information about unit 2 for these two grade levels.


Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

Señorita Taylor



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