March Newsletter


I’m quite behind on my newsletters, skipping the first two months of the year! So sorry! I’ve been busy working hard and reinventing my lessons for the students, incorporating more small-group activities so students spend more time talking and learning with others. Here is what we are doing for the rest of the month with grades K, 1, and 2. Note: this is our last month together for the year, as I return to teaching grades 3, 4, and 5 on April 4th.

Thankfully for kindergarten parents, I HAVE been sending emails home at the start of new units to explain what we are learning, since there are no homework assignments that go home with the vocabulary. At this point in class, we are just practicing what we have learned about greetings, numbers, colors, shapes, and the alphabet over and over to deepen our knowledge of the vocabulary and hopefully promote longer retention over summer break. We will be coloring, we will be talking, and we will be writing. Be on the look out for one or two papers home this month with their handiwork. Hopefully, the students will be able to say “Me llamo….” and their Spanish name as well as use “Me gusta….” to tell you about numbers, colors, shapes, and letters that they like! They can count to 100 in class, but may not be able to do so without the support of the whole class. Encourage them to sing the 10s place number song to find the next 10s place number they are missing, and if the numbers 1-9 are where they get lost in each new row of 10 numbers, maybe they should practice counting 1-9 or saying them out of order to get better. This is a skill we will practice over 6 years, so do not be frustrated if they are not able to do this alone just yet. We have only had 14 lessons — they are doing GREAT!

1st Grade:
In this last month, we are developing our knowledge of how to say where pets are in the house. After, we will begin reviewing saying sentences using “Me gusta” (I like), “Tengo” (I have), and “Quiero” (I want) using center activities. The first graders are also doing great with their ability to make sentences! I’m so proud of what they are able to do after just 14 lessons.

2nd Grade:
In 2nd grade we are very excited to put together our cooking show projects. The students will begin next week by writing a rough draft of their recipe with a partner, then after getting it approved by me, the students will complete the final copy and will rehearse it with their partners. I wish to approve it to make sure they are demonstrating an understanding of how to use the verbs with the food words and other kitchen objects sometimes necessary to make a comprehensible sentence. I also need to check that they didn’t leave out a step, as often times I see silly things like cutting up all the fruit, putting it in the blender, mixing it, and THEN peeling the fruit. Haha! We will be videotaping in a psuedo kitchen via the PhotoBooth app on my computer, adding a kitchen picture behind us as a special effect. If you want to see some past recipes, go to the recipe page on FC Spanish:


Multicultural Night is coming up on March 31st! This is the 6th year for this event and it’s always amazing. Families in our school come together to share their heritage culture at a booth while children travel from booth with their “passports,” learning about each one. There’s also food you can purchase for dinner in the cafeteria from Argentine, Korean, and Turkish vendors! There’s even a sweets table! Also, from 7-8pm there will be scintillating performances, some of which feature students or allow students to come forward and participate! Check out to learn more, or just watch this promo video to get the gist!

That’s all I have for now! I promise to be back in April with information on what grades 3-5 will be learning next month!



Srta. Taylor


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