December Spanish Newsletter

Hola a todos! Hello to everyone!

This month both 1st and 2nd grade are in their number review unit. This is something I work on students with for all 6 years that they are here at O’Hara. I believe numbers are one of the top priorities in vocabulary that you should totally master before traveling, as so many things require numbers — quantity of items, addresses, phone numbers, times, prices. You really can’t get by without them, and counting on your fingers is too slow of a process (and blatantly doesn’t work with larger numbers).

Each week I am reminding the students of patterns in the numbers and strategies for learning the numbers to 100 better and with less effort. I have made a video today which essentially combines all these lessons into one. I added it to the video section of the Numbers Activity page on, but you can also watch it directly by clicking this link: I highly recommend it, as watching my lesson (these are the same things I teach the children, except in class I go slower and ask a lot more questions to check comprehension) will help you understand a lot of things about Spanish class, including my methods of teaching, my expectations, and what gibberish your children may be trying to reiterate at home. (“There are these pieces to the numbers and they’re supposed to help but I can’t remember what they are!”)

Kindergarten is also working on numbers, but we are going to take it much, much slower. This week we will work on numbers 1-10, and then slowly we will go higher throughout the year until they get to 100. They will learn the same patterns as the other students, just in smaller chunks since this is their first time ever working with these numbers in Spanish. Though your child may be able to count to 100 with the whole group at some point, keep in mind they may not be able to do it independently this year. I start noticing the majority of students being able to count to 100 independently by 2nd or 3rd grade with most groups. Some of my 1st grades this year, however, retained their numbers so well from last year that they came back to school still with that ability! These students remembered and can still apply the patterns and tricks I explain in the video. Not every 1st grader’s brain is ready to recognize and apply patterns in that way, so if that’s not your 1st grader, please do not feel alarmed. One thing we have to remember is that they all develop at different speeds and reach milestones at different times, so patience is key with the little ones! If you think about adulthood, none of this matters to our overall success as people. So it’s important to be supportive of and patient with any slow-bloomers, and remember that one day they’re going to grow up to be just as competent as the early-bloomers.  🙂

If you have any questions about this unit or the information in the video (or anything, really), don’t hesitate to email me at:


Thanks for your time!

Srta. Jessica Taylor


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