April Spanish Newsletter

Welcome back from spring break! I hope all are rested and rejuvenated for a productive final 9-weeks of the school year! At this point in the semester, we are really taking off in Spanish class!

Kindergarteners are counting up to 59 with me so far in class (this is something we can do as a whole group, but no individual is ready to do this solo — yet!), have learned their body parts, colors, and now are moving on to shapes. We are discussing cognates, which are words in 2 or more languages that look and sound alike, and come from the same original word. Most of our shapes are cognates, like círculo, rectángulo, triángulo, óvalo, trapezoide… so the students will be able to retain these for awhile. After shapes, we will most likely move into the alphabet!

1st Graders are starting to learn about pets this month. Our main learning strategy is using word tricks. This is a first for us, though we will continue doing this through 5th grade. I started easy with them and printed the tricks on their vocabulary pages, because as we discussed in class — a trick we don’t practice won’t help us at all! 2nd graders have been using tricks to learn their fruits, but I have required them to take notes themselves to create more independence in their learning. In the rest of this unit, we will really be focusing on creating multiple types of sentences, including saying what we like (Me gusta…), have (Tengo…), and want (Quiero…). I apologize in advance if your child comes home begging for a dog in Spanish (Quiero un perro!). Ok, ok…. maybe I’m not too sorry! We will also add colors and numbers to the mix to create more advanced sentences. One thing that is unique here is that colors go AFTER the object they describe in Spanish. Thus, if I have a black dog, it sounds more like “I have a dog black.” The students may struggle with this concept because it is so different, but still — it’s the exposure to the concept that counts. Learning it now just speeds up the time frame in which they will acquire it.

2nd Graders are finishing up learning their fruits and moving into vegetables this week. We are still using word tricks to help us and our goal trackers. I feel that the students have been rather successful in using their goal trackers to help them realize which words they should be focusing on. Once we get a grip on vegetables, we will start discussing how to create a simple recipe. If they do well learning the verbs for I put, I chop, I peel, etc, we will move on to doing our own cooking shows! Last year’s 2nd graders had a blast with this, so I hope we can do it again!

So that’s the summary for April’s Spanish classes. Remember that your child can always be using http://www.fcspanish.com to help them study and acquire their vocabulary faster. There are many multi-modal resources available that will really help our diverse learners to learn!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the month!

Hasta pronto!

Srta. Jessica Taylor


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