January Spanish Newsletter

Feliz año nuevo! Happy New Year! Welcome back to school!

This month is a transitional month for Spanish. In these next two weeks I will be finishing up my semester with 3rd-5th graders and will transition into my semester with K, 1, and 2! Classes for the little ones will begin the last week of January, so by February hopefully you’ll have little ones coming home with Spanish folders (grades 1 and 2) or with a new Spanish name to tell you (Kindergarten)!

For the remainder of my time with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade, here’s what they are doing:

3rd grade: Third graders are watching a movie called “Families of Guatemala” and are learning about what a culture is by comparing the culture they see in the video with our own American culture. For homework, they are making their own version of a cultural product from Guatemala — worry dolls! I explained to them that, according to legend, worry dolls work a bit like the tooth fairy. You tell one worry to each of your worry dolls (typically teeny, tiny little dolls made of wire and yarn) and then put them under your pillow. When you awake, your worries are supposed to be gone. We discussed how it’s a legend and the worry dolls we are making are our own representation of the tradition. I gave each student a large clothespin to use (I can’t even make the traditional worry dolls! It’s difficult!), and they are to decorate them using whatever craft materials they have at home. I also explained that I will allow them to be as creative as they want, but they need to realize that if they make their worry doll more like Barbie, Polamalu, or Darth Vader (I have received worry dolls in the past that looked like each of those!), that they are really far from being traditional. They can do whatever they want, but it’s good to have this realization. I will display their finished worry dolls on a bulletin board for 1-2 months, but will return them after the entire school has had sufficient time to admire their works of art!

4th Grade:  This week we are videotaping our fashion shows and I am editing them into our final fashion show movie. I have started two already, and it’s looking pretty good! Next week we will finish up by watching our video and doing normal end-of-year stuff like handing out 100% homework certificates, doing our final raffle of the semester, and playing a review game.


5th Grade: Much like 4th grade, 5th graders are recording their safari videos this week, which I will edit into a Crocodile Hunter-esque show for view next week. I have begun working on one so far, and I love it! When I am finished with all of the videos for both 4th and 5th grade, I will post them to FCSpanish.com so everyone can view them at home!


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me anytime at jessica_taylor@fcasd.edu. Gracias!


Srta. Jessica Taylor



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