December Spanish Newsletter

¡Feliz diciembre!

I can’t believe how fast noviembre passed! I feel like I was JUST updating you on Spanish class last week!

December will be another short month for us with another holiday break approaching. In the next 2 weeks of classes, the students will still be working hard to learn as much Spanish before our semester ends in January. (sniff, sniff)

3rd Grade Lessons

The 3rd graders are fast approaching their culminating restaurant simulation on the week of December 15-19th. In this lesson, they will have to apply all the vocabulary they have learned (food, utensils, meal names, “me gustaria/I would like,” “pasame/pass me,” combination words con/with, sin/without, de/of, y/and, and courtesy words like permiso/excuse me, por favor/please, gracias/thank you, and de nada/you’re welcome) to participate in our totally pretend restaurant. In this experience, the students will label the items on their paper place setting, browse a Spanish menu, order food from me in Spanish using combinations, courtesy words, and the phrase “Me gustaria,” as well as participate in some friendly “dinner” conversation! I’ve warned the students and asked them to work extra hard in these next two weeks to make sure they are on top of their games! Remember, they all have flashcards for their basic food and utensil vocabulary words that they can be using. I also encourage them to play games, pretend to order food from you at dinner time (Sorry… not sorry?), and use our website ( to watch videos, play games, play the interactive presentations, and more. Every year this restaurant activity has been very rewarding and the students who have worked hard felt accomplished by the end of it. For these next two weeks, please try to encourage your 3rd graders to do as much practice as possible!

4th Grade Lessons

In 4th grade we are learning seasonal clothing items. We just learned them this week, so the next two weeks will involve developing that vocabulary. By the end of our semester in January, I would like to attempt a willy fashion show of sorts with the students, but in order to have a successful fashion show, the students will really need to know their clothing vocabulary words! I will hopefully be making a teaching video later today for the seasonal clothing, so should your 4th grader need a little extra help remembering the words, they can hop onto, go to Activities for Learning, then to the 4th Grade Zone, and finally to the “La ropa/Clothing” page to watch the video!

5th Grade Lessons

The 5th graders are developing their knowledge of rainforest animals in Spanish and describing their very unique body parts in Spanish using the verb “tiene” (sounds like: tee-ay-nay). Hopefully if students learn this vocabulary well enough, I would be THRILLED if we could make a crocodile-hunter-like video in which the students identify an animal they “see” in Spanish (¡Hay un jaguar!) and describe its unique features (El jaguar tiene una cola larga, colmillos grandes, y pelage amarillo con manchas negras.). We will see how this develops and if the project becomes a possibility — but that is my Spanish teacher dream! Honestly, this has been the strongest group of 5th graders I’ve had yet in terms of Spanish knowledge and use, so if anyone can make it happen, they can!

Finally, as a happy holiday wish from the elementary Spanish teachers, I want to share our “Feliz Navidad” video made courtesy of Jib Jab. Whatever your holiday traditions may be, I think you and your children will enjoy this silly take on Mexican culture and “Navidad!” I’ve added a direct link on the homepage of, but you can also go directly to the page by clicking here.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at Have a great month!


Srta. Jessica Taylor


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