October Newsletter

Wow, it’s October already! Spanish is kicking into high gear this week, as we are transitioning out of our review units and beginning our main course of study for the year. (Remember K-2 are in the “off semester” and do not have Spanish until the end of January). So far, I am extremely pleased with the performance of the students. Most classes are consistently doing homework, and those students who have forgotten or chosen not to do work are slowly working to catch up on past assignments. That makes me so happy! Please continue to encourage your children to do their Spanish work every week, as they come prepared to learn so much more in class when they do!

Here is what’s lined up for this month in each of the 3-5 grade levels:

3rd Grade

In third grade we are finishing our number review this week and will learn how to express prices next week. This will lead us into our big food & restaurant unit that will take us pretty much through the end of January! So far all grades 3-5 are doing wonderfully with numbers! I played for a couple classes today a clip of last year’s kindergarten counting, and that really seemed to motivate the students! They are bound and determined to count better than kindergarteners! (Here is the link if you want to watch for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMSD4uXDJ6Q&list=PLP0aQuaPjKggzrGsxNfpdG8ZhZP4mte2s&index=20).

4th Grade

This week the 4th graders are learning to say the date in Spanish. We are keeping it simple this week and learning only the days of the week and how to say a partial date such as “Today is Tuesday the 7th.” Next week we will add on the months and the year, which can be tricker because the full date sounds more like “Today is Tuesday the 7th of October of 2014” in Spanish. If students do a good job of studying the simple form this week, they will simply be able to add on the month and year next week. Currently we have a song to help us remember the days of the week. Next week we will learn a song and dance for the months. These two songs should help us quite a lot! Encourage your child to sing the song at home as a learning strategy.

This unit will take us into the weather unit, and when we are done studying that, we will videotape weather reports in class as a big project! It will be a very exciting time! Saying the date properly will help us be very professional weather reporters.

5th Grade

In fifth grade we are starting our nature unit which will lead us eventually to doing our own nature shows, much like the Crocodile Hunter (apparently the students do not know who this is anymore, so in my short career I’ve already made myself feel old). We will begin slowly by creating descriptive sentences using the verb “Hay” (pronounced much like the word “eye” in English), which means “There is” or “There are.” In the descriptive sentences, it is essential that students understand that adjectives go AFTER the noun. So instead of saying “There is a red bird,” their sentence will sound like “There is a bird red.” There are a few more layers of complexity to this, but that’s enough for now. 🙂

While 5th grade is at Camp Allegheny, I will visit them one night after school and we will sing the 4th grade weather song around the camp fire. It’s important that the students practice this song. To encourage your child to practice at home, here is the link to a lyric video for the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evrEc-uPnTo 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at jessica_taylor@fcasd.edu.

Feliz octubre!

Srta. Jessica Taylor


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