May Spanish Newsletter

¡Feliz cinco de mayo! Happy May 5th!

First off, since today is May 5th, we should spend a moment discussing the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo. For one, it’s important to know that this holiday is NOT Mexico’s independence day. Mexico’s Independence Day is September 16th, 1810. This holiday, on the other hand, celebrates the unlikely victory of the people of Puebla, Mexico in the Battle of Puebla against France in 1862. Curious to know what happened? Check out our Cinco de Mayo page on FCSpanish to learn more!

What’s happening in Spanish class?

Kindergarten — In class we are continuing to study counting to 100 (by the way, many of my classes are counting this well!) and learning the letters of the alphabet. In our final lessons we are focusing on our memorizing 10s place numbers. To do this, we have a cute little song that you can learn here. We are also paying particular attention to the letters in Spanish that make different sounds from English. These are: all the vowels a, e, i, o, and u plus letters like g, h, j, ll, ñ, q, r, rr, v, and z. When the students know the names of these letters and their sounds, they will be able to read and write in Spanish that much better. Most letters only have one sound (except c, g, and y), so when the student comes across that letter, they will always know how to pronounce it — that includes the vowels! For those tricky little darlings we have attached emotions to the vowels to help us remember how to pronounce them. We said that A is relaxed so it says “ahhhhh.” E is upset so it shouts “ay!” kind of like “hey you!” or “Ay you!” The letter I is scared so it shrieks “Eeeeeeeeee!” and O understands so it just says “Ohhh.” U, our final vowel, is impressed and says “ooooOOOoooh.” 🙂 If interested in learning or practicing these at home, you can check out the Numbers of Alphabet activity pages on our website,

1st Grade – In 1st grade we are finishing out the year by learning to describe where things are located. We are recycling the pet vocabulary to be easy, and we have added six rooms of the house to have a meaningful place to describe where our pets are. We used the first interactive presentation from the Casa/House activity page to learn and quiz ourselves on the rooms of the house. There is another one they can use at home to begin describing where I am (sort of like Where’s Waldo). The verb phrase needed to do this is “está en,” which means “is in.”  A simple sentence using this phrase would look like this: “La tortuga está en el baño.” (The turtle is in the bathroom.) The better the kids know the pets and the rooms of the house, the easier this will be because their brains will only have to process the structure of the sentence. Trying to find the needed vocabulary plus worry about how to organize the whole thing will frustrate them, but having the vocabulary memorized and ready to go will free up a lot of their working memory.

2nd Grade – I’m very excited about a new project idea I have for 2nd grade. For the remaining weeks of Spanish we are going to work on making a recipe to present on our very own cooking shows! This is definitely going to be a challenge, but if the students put in the work to memorize their new verbs (I need, I peel, I cut, I mix, etc), they will be able to do it pretty easily. We will spend about two lessons creating and rehearsing the recipes and then hopefully on the third lesson we will be able to record ourselves. Since this unit is so new (I just came up with it last week!), I don’t have any resources on our website yet for the verbs. I will try to get something up there this week to help the kids practice at home, even if it is just a video with me going over the verbs like we did in class. If you want to keep updated on the status of this, make sure to check the News section of our website, as I post on that page every time something new has been added to the site.

As always, have a wonderful month and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at


(Señorita) Jessica Taylor


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