April Spanish Newsletter

Feliz abril! Happy April!

Sorry for the tardiness of this monthly newsletter – I was waiting until I had all the photos and videos back from Multicultural Night so I didn’t have to blast you with two emails this month. They’re all finally back, so if you would like to see the photos, please visit: http://multiculturalnight.wordpress.com/multicultural-night-2014-photos/. For the videos, click: http://multiculturalnight.wordpress.com/videos/ There was a very special video made by 4th and 5th graders in Spanish class that was played at the end of the performance hour, which many families missed to make it home for bedtime, so please check that out in the videos section, especially if you have a 4th or 5th grader!


As for Spanish class this month…

Kindergarten is transitioning into learning about the alphabet this month. I plan to work on the names/sounds of the vowels most in the beginning here because the vowels account for one of the largest differences in pronunciation between English and Spanish. We will also work on the sounds of the 4 “new” letters – ch, ll, ñ, and rr plus some others that change sounds in Spanish (H is silent, J sounds like H, R sounds closer to a D than an R, etc.) The song we are using to practice in class is the Alphabet Military-Style song that can be seen on this FCSpanish page: http://fcspanish.com/activities/alfabeto-alphabet/. Also, we have been working on counting every week, getting closer and closer to 100 every week. Some classes can count to the highest-taught number (69 for this week), which is really impressive! A few individuals can do it independently, but most students who can go that high need the support of the whole class, as someone in the class can remember the number they feel unsure of. But they love the challenge of counting as high as they can for me without my help. They love counting so much, in fact, that one kindergartener this week asked me “When are you going to send home the numbers with us so we can practice at home?” Ask and ye shall receive! Here’s a bunch of resources for the numbers in Spanish: http://fcspanish.com/activities/numeros-numbers/ J I will send home a paper copy of the 10s place numbers for them to practice once we make it all the way to 100. There will be a song that goes with it, so at that time they will be super excited to practice.


In 1st grade we are working on identifying which pets we (don’t) have/like/want as well as describing them with color. Eventually I plan to recycle body vocabulary from kindergarten and have the kids describe which body parts the pets have. Depending on how far we get, we may even learn the rooms of the house and identify where the pets are in the house. I have been experimenting with differentiated center activities for this unit so I can work with small groups on writing, which can be challenging for the traveling teacher, as every room is set up different. However, so far it’s going pretty well! I’m pleased with how easily the 1st graders understand that colors go after the object being described in Spanish! You can find resources to support your 1st grader’s learning here: http://fcspanish.com/activities/1st-grade-zone/


Finally, in 2nd grade we are still working on our fruit and vegetable unit. We have been studying vegetables for 2 weeks, and some classes have really gotten focused on using the cognates, word tricks, and flashcards to help them master all of the words. We will move into describing the fruits and vegetables, and I may even experiment with creating recipes with fruits and vegetables to teach them more verbs like “I put,” “I cut,” I peel,” and more in conjunction with the food words. This will help as next year in 3rd grade they will do the whole restaurant unit with me, and we can tie back into those words then.


That’s it for now. If you have any questions or need some pointers in how to support your children in Spanish – you know I’m always here. Just send me an email at Jessica_taylor@fcasd.edu.


Have a lovely and relaxing spring break!


(Señorita) Jessica Taylor


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