November Newsletter

Feliz noviembre! This is a busy month for Spanish class, especially for 3rd and 4th grade. Both grade levels are working towards the culminating performance-based lesson of our food unit — the restaurant! 4th Grade is several weeks ahead of 3rd grade and will be participating in the restaurant the week of November 18-22nd. 3rd grade will have their restaurant either the 2nd or 3rd week of December. All students should be working diligently towards the goal of mastering the food vocabulary. The skills I expect them to have by the restaurant are:

– Master the food and table setting vocabulary, including fruits and vegetables

– Make combinations and specific types of foods using those little words “de” (of), “con” (with), “sin” (without), and “y” (and).

  • Tarta de cereza = cherry pie (“pie of cherry”)
  • Tarta de cereza con helado = cherry pie with ice cream
  • Tarta de cereza sin helado = cherry pie without ice cream
  • Tarta de cereza con helado y canela = cherry pie with ice cream and cinnamon

– Use the phrase “Me gustaria” (I would like) to order politely

– Use courtesy words por favor (please), gracias (thank you), de nada (you’re welcome), permiso (excuse me) when ordering.

If students are working diligently every week, this restaurant lesson should be fun and somewhat easy for them! However, I have noticed some students are consistently choosing not to study. In this case, students will feel frustrated and will not have very much fun in the restaurant.

While 3rd and 4th grade are working towards this goal, 5th graders are working on writing descriptive paragraphs about nature. We will work our way into a unit on describing rainforest animals this month.

Two upcoming things:

1. Multicultural Night — Our 4th Annual Multicultural Night will be March 20th from 5:30-8pm. I will begin organizing this event soon. If you are interested in hosting a booth for multicultural night, please send me an email at I expect this year to be even better than the last three! Check out last year’s event at if you are not sure what this event is about.

2. Finding Señorita — If you are going away for the holidays, consider taking a Flat Señorita with you! Just like Flat Stanley travels the world, Flat Señorita wants to make her way too so she and her students can learn more about the countries she visits! If you and your children are interested in helping start this project, send me an email at so I can pass a Flat Senorita to you!


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