Making a Vocabulary Box

Making a vocabulary box to store and use for follow-up practice is a great activity to do with your children, and the result is a powerful tool for learning. All you need to do is find 1. a box or bin to store vocabulary words in and 2. the vocabulary words on index cards, snippets of paper, flashcards, or really any way you prefer to display them. Having a consistent medium for the vocabulary will help keep your vocabulary box organized.

How do you use a vocabulary box?

Beginning at the start of the course is the easiest way to use your vocabulary box, but you can start at any time. Put the current vocabulary words inside the box and pull one at a time, quizzing the child or children. Run through this, making it a game to see how many words right they can get each day.

As new vocabulary lists are added, the box will get fuller and fuller. Keep quizzing the child/children on all the words in the list, increasing the number of words they will recall. This will reinforce previously learned vocabulary and will lead to them overlearning the word, which means they will be able to recall it automatically whenever they need it. When they can recall words automatically, they will be able to use them in conversation now and far in the future.

How do you make this challenge fun?

Keeping track of the number of words correct the child gets each day on a chart will motivate the child to get better and better. Charting the % correct they get will show their growth and make them feel very proud of themselves! The chart should begin anew with each new vocabulary unit that gets added to the box.


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