Class Discussion: Money and Discussing Prices in Spanish

This week 4th grade is learning how to ask about price (“¿Cuánto cuesta la banana?”) and respond as well (“La banana cuesta un dólar.”) In class, several classes became extremely interested in different types of money around the world, what it looks like, how much it’s worth, and how you can exchange it if you are going to travel. I figured it would be helpful if I made a page dedicated to this topic on FCSpanish to quench (or at least lessen) their thirst for knowledge in this subject. I added it to the World Explorations section of the website, thinking that was where it would be easiest to find. You can go directly by clicking this link:

Also, I realized that the videos I used to have up demonstrating students practicing the questions/phrases “¿Cuánto cuesta?”/”Cuesta…” were not added to this updated version of the website. I’ve rectified the situation by uploading three videos to YouTube and posting them in both the numbers activity page playlist as well as the one for food and the restaurant. These videos might be very helpful for students who are still working on developing a firm knowledge of how to pronounce and use this question/answer structure. Plus, it should be fun for them to try to see if they can recognize any of the kids in the videos.  You can see them directly by clicking the links below:

School Year 2012-2013:

School Year 2011-2012:


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