Ideas for Turning Studying into FUN TIME!

Studying can wear on all of us. It can be tedious and stressful. But did you know it doesn’t have to be that way?
Turning study time into game time can take away the stress of studying and add some extra FUN into your lives. (Did you know that when you’re having fun, you remember more stuff anyways?)
Here are some game ideas for taking the stress out of studying:
  1. Tic tac to — Put vocabulary pictures in the spaces of the tic tac to board. Say a vocabulary word correctly to win the space and put in your symbol or space marker
  2. Concentration/Memory — Make 2 copies of pictures or words (or have one copy a picture and the other copy the word that goes with it). Flip all the cards upside down. When it is your turn, flip over two cards. If they match, remove them from the table top and put them in a pile near you. If they do not match, flip them back over and swap turns with the next person. It helps to say the words aloud when you flip them over.
  3. Hidden Photos — This is like the hot/cold game, but you use the volume of your voice to guide someone to the photo while you say the word in Spanish. For example, if you hide the firefighter somewhere, guide the person by saying the word “bombero” in varying volumes depending on how near they are to the photo.
  4. Slapjack — Take two cards, tell someone to slap one of the words. Whoever slaps it first gets a point.
  5. Simon Says — Spread out all of your vocabulary cards on the table or floor, then give the players instructions as to which words they should touch. “Simon says….. touch the manzana.” 
  6. Board games  — Replace the question cards from almost any board game with questions about Spanish words and phrases. Then just play!

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