August Newsletter – Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school! I am so excited to be back here and am ready to teach your children the language skills they will need to acquire Spanish or any other language they choose to learn in the future.

You may remember from past years that grades 3, 4, and 5 will have Spanish with me this first semester. Mid-January the semesters will switch and I will teach kindergarten and grades 1 and 2. In the mean time, the younger students will be practicing Spanish occasionally with their classroom teachers. Remember, you can always use our website,, to review at home. If you’ve looked at the website recently, you’ll notice it got a major update to the design! I will talk more about this later…

Most aspects of Spanish class will remain the same this year. Your child will be expected to do homework for me every week, not as torture or busy work, but as a means of practicing new material learned in class. The more repetitions they experience between lessons, the more solid and permanent the information will become in their minds. This is critical if we are to continue making progress each lesson.

My behavior expectations for respect, responsibility, and integrity remain the same, as they have throughout the entire district. However, unlike last year, we do not have Edline for me to record this information as I did in the past. As we all figure out the new PowerSchool system, I will explain more how I am storing information for respect, responsibility, and integrity in the gradebook for you to view, as well as how I will make the homework available to print if you need an extra copy. For now, if you need to print out another copy of the homework, you can access it directly from Google Docs:

3rd Grade Homework Folder:

4th Grade Homework Folder: 

5th Grade Homework Folder:

Finally, to discuss the Spanish website…. If you have been here in the past, you know that I created this website 4 years ago to supplement our program and enable you to provide some help to your child at home, even if you don’t speak any Spanish! I updated it this summer from a hand-made Dreamweaver design to a professionally-created WordPress template. Though I lost some flexibility with the way things are displayed, this new site will allow for better performance on various internet browsers as well as an enhanced experience on mobile devices. Take a peek at it before Spanish starts to get acquainted with it. You should find that it is organized mostly the same as before. 🙂

That’s all for now. I will be back VERY soon with more information on PowerSchool and grades 3-5 lessons in the upcoming September newsletter!

Hasta pronto,

Señorita (Miss) Jessica Taylor


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