May Newsletter

Happy May! Feliz Mayo! (pronounced “MY-oh”….not like mayo-naise ☺ ) There are just a few short weeks left before the end of the year. Since my last newsletter more students have become responsible by bringing in their homework more consistently and are generally making more of an effort to learn their vocabulary words. Thank you for your support at home! On our last class towards the end of the month I will be handing out the 100% homework certificates to students who have made an effort to turn in every assignment. If your child brings one of these home, please congratulate him or her, as this certificate proves that they have been very responsible and have worked very hard. They should be extremely proud of themselves!

With Cinco de Mayo this Sunday, I figured I would send home the history of this holiday, which is often confused with the Mexican Independence Day (really September 16th). Here is an article from the history channel that accurately describes the tale: There is also an event this Saturday I believe that celebrates the holiday. For more information, check out the Culture in the Community page on

One other cool tool I have for you is a presentation I just made to explain why the Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English languages are spoken in the Americas. This was prompted by a discussion with a group of curious kindergarteners this week, and I thought all students could benefit. I uploaded it to You can find it on the “news” page as well as in the World Explorations page, which will be its permanent home.

Enjoy the rest of your month! Remember that if you need anything, I am just an email away!

Hasta luego,

Srta. Jessica Taylor


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