February Newsletter

¡Feliz febrero!

Welcome to Spanish class, parents of kindergarteners, 1st graders and second graders! I hope you are adjusting to the semester switch well! As you’ve noticed, 1st and 2nd graders will be coming home with homework assignments. Throughout the semester these may gradually get more challenging for the students as they learn to speak and write in more complex ways. As always, I want to emphasize that students should always try their best. That is my one true expectation for them, and as long as they do so, they will eventually understand and learn the material we are discussing in class. If your child ever seems frustrated or confused (especially if he/she is absent for the lesson), just encourage him/her to give it a try and be satisfied with his/her best work.

Remember that I create & maintain all the materials for our students on www.fcspanish.com. The activities portion of this website is designed to be a type of all-access, all-hours home tutor for the students. If they need to review the words, practice pronunciation, or practice in the context of games, stories or songs – you should help them locate the right resources on the website. There is a tour available on youtube that will acquaint you with the basic elements of the site. It may be slightly outdated after some updates I’ve made since last spring, but it will at least give you the gist of everything: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ehh_9TDG4f4

Yet another reminder – if you are interested in hosting a culture booth at Multicultural Night 2013 (March 14th, 5:30-8pm), please let me know as soon as possible. We currently have 17 tables but could squeeze in one or two more. Aside from the booths, we have some outstanding performances I’m excited for you to see this year! Our favorite food vendors are all coming back, and I’ve even arranged for a photo booth to come in for all participants to take pictures with friends and take home a memento from the event. It’s going to be one incredible night!

Hasta pronto!

Señorita Jessica Taylor


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